Digging into Revelation


We are Digging into Revelation

When most people dive into the scriptures of Revelation they can find it overwhelming with all the symbols, imagery and hidden meanings. Some are are even drawn to the intrigue of the apocalyptic writing about the end and the calamities  the inhabitants of earth will face before King Jesus returns. Yet the real meaning of apocalypse means revelation and that is the revelation of King Jesus and God’s plan for humanity from creation to the restoration of all things where once again we walk with Jesus as we did in the garden.

As we dig into Revelation the truth that is being revealed is that God is in control. He has full authority over all that is occurring. He is the creator and sovereign over all no matter how much things look otherwise. Actually God even uses evil to turn on itself so that He can bring forth His plan of restoration. The other thing that is constant in Revelation is that no matter how evil humanity is or becomes in their decline of morality God is always holding back the judgement. Not judgement He desires to give us but judgement that the law requires. Actually the law was given to show us how much we need Christs redemption and so throughout Revelation God continually warns and gives opportunity for fallen man to choose life and not death and victory over sin. This book confirms over and over that God desires no one to perish and yet He is a Holy Righteous and Just God Perfect in all things.. and yet He is merciful patient and longsuffering toward us making every effort to point us to His will for us through the Lamb of God… Jesus Christ.

Over the last several weeks after looking at theses scriptures we can be assured that Jesus is with us every step of the way no matter what we may face. He is preparing and coming for a people who are marked and His.  More importantly when we look at these scriptures we should also consider how God desires us to respond as we consider the events that have occurred and are still leading to His return as He has made His gift of salvation an open to door in this time of grace.

Some of the sermon topics we have focused on are:

Jesus is the Worthy King

Jesus, The Lamb of God

Jesus is the Great Shepherd King

Jesus Responds to the Prayers of the Saints

God is the God Of His Promises

Jesus is  with Us – Be of Good Courage….

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