How Narrow is Narrow?


What a powerful Sunday last week as we dug into Gods word in our message- How Narrow is Narrow. We live in a world today that is filled with relative, subjective, and objective truths built from traditions and past hurts… We also can tag ourselves to the latest secular cause and build our realities around those subject, relative, and objective truths as well… Yet we need to remember Jesus said His Kingdom is NOT of this world and so all those truths don’t fit unless they are of His Kingdom. Every truth was is and will be filtered through THE TRUTH … God is calling us to drop every truth we have attached ourselves to …except the one absolute truth …  How Narrow is Narrow?  Here’s the link to see the message …..

We love you and hope to see you out at 10: 30 Sundays as we continue our Series: Let’s Take It From the Top